The end of one year, and the start of another, is often a time where people reflect on their plans for the future, and what changes they need to do to improve their lifestyle. Common resolutions involve such things as losing weight, getting healthy, being more careful with money, and generally doing things better in the year ahead.

One thing relevant to Elderly people is that often this time of year is when one considers whether one’s current accommodation is suitable, and whether a change is appropriate.

It is also the time of year when families get together and spend time with their Elders.

One feature that comes up in these encounters, and on reflecting on the year ahead, is a recognition that perhaps Grannie and Grandpa aren’t looking as sprightly as they did last year, and perhaps the time has come to consider their moving into a Retirement Village, or even Aged Care.

These decisions are not easily made, and often encounter some initial resistance, but over time there is usually a recognition that the house seems bigger, the maintenance workload greater, or even, the lack of community and communication is becoming burdensome.

Retirement Villages inevitably involve a “downsizing” of accommodation, but often an “upsizing” of community involvement through the Retirement Village. In fact some in the industry call it “right sizing”.

A decision to move into a Retirement Village is best done as a whole of family decision, with the involvement of the elderly persons, as well as their supportive children (themselves often in their 50s or more). Often it is the children who first see that “Mum and Dad”/” Nanny and Pa” are only just managing, and a change from the home to a Retirement Village may be timely, and beneficial.

A move into a Retirement Village is a significant legal decision as well, as the terms of Retirement Village contracts are complex, lengthy, and onerous.  It is essential that the elderly persons, and their family, understand the ramifications of what they are signing, and what in means to them down the track. Generalist advice isn’t good enough. Brisbane Elder Law are experts in the area of Retirement Village and Aged Care contracts.  Contact us on 1800961622 or visit

We have extensive information on our site, including the 24 things one should look for in a Retirement Village, and all the 2019 changes in the law relating to Retirement Villages.