What is the big mistake people make in choosing a Lawyer to advise on Elder Law?

The Baby Boomers are now retiring, and there are many legal challenges for this generation to deal with, which are even more highlighted as a result of this current Coronavirus Pandemic.

If you need an electrical job done you don’t get a plumber, and vice versa. You choose someone who knows what they are doing because that’s what they do – every day.

Do you worry about having an adequate will (or having any will at all) to ensure that your financial wishes are carried out and your estate is managed as you intend?  That’s Elder Law.

Do you worry in these times of isolation that an elderly parent is isolated, and falling under the influence of a family member that could give rise to Elder exploitation and abuse? That’s Elder Law.

Are you concerned that the “granny flat” agreement you have entered into, or are considering, doesn’t offer the protection that ensures clarity and certainty going forward? That’s Elder Law.

Do you have a desire to be part of a community when this period of enforced isolation is over? Is it time to consider moving to a Retirement Village to become part of an active and engaging community? That’s Elder Law.

Are you in the situation of having to manage the estate of a deceased family member, and don’t know what to do or how to navigate the complexities involved? That’s Elder Law.

A lot of solicitors say they do Elder Law, but in fact are generalists, who do conveyancing, personal injuries, criminal law, and frankly anything that walks in the door.

Don’t choose a generalist to do specialist work. Choose lawyers who practice in the areas of Elder Law day in, day out.

Brisbane Elder Law are experts in all aspects of Elder Law, including Wills, Estates, Elder Abuse, and Retirement Village and Aged Care contracts.

We can also offer video conferencing to ensure advice can be given, and questions answered, in a safe, healthy and convenient way.

Contact us on 1800 961 622 or visit www.brisbaneelderlaw.com.au when you don’t know what to do. We do.