Lawyers for Seniors (known as Elder Lawyers) are trained, by life, and technically, to offer specialised advice covering the whole range of legal issues that Elder Clients (and their children) face in their senior years.

Clients of a certain age tend to be “old school” in terms of values. Trust is vital. Whilst cost is of course always important, Elder Law clients in our experience tend to look for professionals, whether as lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc. as longer term Trusted Advisors to guide them over a number of years. They are less transactional, less focused on changing from supplier to supplier, and more focused on developing a relationship of trust, integrity, and familiarity.

One’s elder years are not a time for mediocre decisions, or advice. The internet is not a panacea for knowledge on all the issues that Elder clients may encounter. Specialist advice, mindful not only of the law, but also the client needs, is essential.

Elder Lawyers need to be focussed on the same old school values of their clients and offer those clients the reliability and comfort of knowing that every phone call is not being billed, every event is not recorded on a time sheet, and that a global, rather than transactional approach is taken to inquiries from clients. The role of the Elder Lawyer is akin to the traditional GP role – service is offered for a fee, but the relationship is intended, on both sides, to be long term, so billing, and advice, occurs in that context.

Issues that people can face at that time in their life include such things as:

Elder clients are not files, not numbers, they are people, who are entitled to be treated with the dignity and respect accorded those who have built this country and are simply embarking on another part of their life journey.

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