By Lesa Macpherson

Our generation has lived in two different centuries (in fact two different millennia), and has seen and adapted to enormous changes, and it’s now our time to enjoy our later years.

No other generation has had to deal with such constant change, from an Analogue Childhood to a Digital Life; from Telephones fixed to the wall, to mobiles working anywhere; from Black and White TV to Streaming; from putting 20c pieces into the box in the public telephone booth, to on line automatic payments for everything.

More Boomers equals more changes, and we are now forcing change on the Retirement and Aged Care Industries

The traditional options for Retirement Living accommodation usually came down to two choices – a unit/semi-detached home in a Retirement Village, or a stand-alone house in a Manufactured Home park. Each option is governed by its own legislation.

These choices remain by far the most popular retirement models across the industry, but to meet changing demographics, and to cover alternate lifestyles, some alternatives that have recently come into the market include:

  1. In Sydney, and recently on the Sunshine Coast, an option to have a relative/carer live with the retiree, either in the home, or in an adjoining residence, has been offered.
  2. A model whereby single women of limited means have a small individual unit, with a common shared area for the group (lounge, dining, entertainment) to jointly access.
  3. “Relocatable” homes that in any real sense are immovable, built on a concrete base. The purchaser can even have input in relation to the construction of the home prior to completion and moving in.

These are becoming bespoke villages more attuned to individual needs and expectations.

In the Aged Care space new models include setting up an Aged Care Village, with real shops and Cafes.

In the Dementia Care area there is a new model everyone is watching where the patients have a larger village format accommodation (with shops and services) where the community engagement has proven beneficial.

Operators are also attuned to cultural issues, and newer constructions focus on such things as sustainability, energy efficiency, and obtaining 5 star green ratings.

The Retirement and Aged Care industries are constantly evolving and improving, driven by competition between operators. That means that the contracts involved also are changing, and contain a vast array of clauses, promises, and requirements specific to each operator, and each model they operate. Our firm is at the forefront of all the constant changes in these contracts.

Change is constant, and accelerating, but we can handle it. We always have. Watch this space.

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